ECOFIT launches new fans

E-Wheel range : new size

ECOFIT launches its first centrifugal backward fans with E-Wheel impeller diameter 250 mm.
Better efficiency, lower noise, we introduce the new backward impeller 250 mm of the E-wheel range.
Better efficiency: With the ECOFIT AC motor , this impeller exceeds the FMEG62 required by ErP 2015 lot 11 to reach an FMEG of 65. Lower noise: The noise level is reduced, particularly in the middle of the curve where the benefit is higher than 3dBA. Use the inlet cone 16234 to take advantage of the E-wheel impeller 250 mm. The E-wheel motor-impeller 250 mm with EC motors will be introduced very soon. Following the E-wheel impeller diameter 250 mm, we will launch the impellers 280, 225 and 192 mm.

E-wheel range : EC fans

ECOFIT launches the EC fans of E-wheel range :

RREG9 250x50R.

More efficiency, lower noise level, easy control

Axial Fans Diameter 350 ErP compliant

ECOFIT introduces axial fans diameter 350 mm conform to 2015 ErP European directive. European directive ErP (Energy Regulated Products) 2015 aim is to reduce the energy consumption of fans using motors with power between 125W and 500kW. ECOFIT has developped new fans to replace our former axial fans 4 poles diameter 350 mm not ErP compliant.   Read More    
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