Ecopack Chiller


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The ECOPACKS, the compact refrigeration chillers, are designed to meet the industrial cooling requirements of medium capacity. The RTAF series constitute of a wide range of sizes with 100 to 1500kW (on standard solutions) nominal cooling capacity.

The RTAF series of Ecopack offer various advantages:

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    <li>Very high efficiency (COP) because the compressors work mechanically to the 100% of their capacity and because the unit adapts itself to below nominal condensations</li>
    <li>Simple installation, PLUG AND PLAY</li>
    <li>Easy maintenance due to the fact that all its components are accessible and can be easily substituted</li>
    <li>Thanks to its safety housing, there is no need for an engine</li>
    <li>Room and the unit can be placed outdoor</li>
    <li>The refrigerant is confined and does not circulate in the installation. Besides, the compact design allows very low refrigeration charge</li>
    <li>It includes a security system for leaks that enables to detect and neutralise the ammonia</li>
    <li>You can use the Ecopack In combination with a CO2 cascade system.</li>
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