ECOSS receives CTI certification for closed circuit coolers


Güntner announces the ECOSS closed circuit evaporative cooler’s thermal performance
has been certified by the Cooling Tower Institute (CTI). CTI certification offers users the peace of mind
of third party verification of performance. Güntner, a premium manufacturer and designer of heat
transfer equipment for more than 80 years is committed to providing reliable, efficient performance.
Third party certification is consistent with Güntner’s commitment to customer satisfaction and product

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The ECOSS closed circuit evaporative cooler is the epitome of reliable performance with its all stainless
steel construction including stainless steel coil, direct drive electronically commutated (EC) motors,
fan redundancy and motor management system. Users can rest easy knowing the stainless steel
construction is more forgiving to upset conditions of water quality and dramatically increased longevity
relative to traditional galvanized steel equipment. Multiple direct drive EC fan motors developed
specifically for evaporative use offer greater redundancy. The factory installed motor management
system ensures efficient fan speed control with constant monitoring of system operation.
In addition to longer life and superior reliability, ECOSS offers lower operating, maintenance and
installation costs. EC fan motors offer greater energy savings and the all stainless steel construction
allows one to operate at higher cycles of concentration for greater water savings. Lower maintenance
costs are possible with ECOSS due to its inherent design which requires no passivation or mechanical
component maintenance. Installation costs are reduce due to ECOSS’ factory installed motor
management system, lighter weights and ease of rigging design.

An affordable stainless choice for one’s evaporative cooling needs, the ECOSS now comes with the
peace of mind of CTI certified performance.

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