Emerson Introduces Copeland Scroll Digital Outdoor Refrigeration Unit, X-Line Series

Date: 04 February 2020

Emerson introduced the Copeland Scroll Digital Outdoor Refrigeration Unit, X-Line Series. This outdoor refrigeration unit provides reliable refrigeration for medium-temperature, walk-in coolers and display cases which are commonly found in convenience stores (c-stores), small-format stores and restaurants.

The X-Line Digital Series is designed to provide substantial annual energy efficiency improvements compared to legacy equipment and technology, thanks to its proven Copeland Scroll compressor technology, large-capacity condenser coils, variable-speed fan motor control and smart controls. The X-Line Digital unit has continuous capacity modulation from 20% to 100%, resulting in precision temperature control, reduced compressor cycling and lower energy consumption. The X-line Digital unit can be applied to multiple evaporator systems.

The X-Line Digital unit can maintain box temperatures within +/-0.5 F, which allows food retail and foodservice establishments to precisely maintain the temperature of their food.

The units feature advanced onboard protection and diagnostic controls in a quiet, compact enclosure. It can alert and record alarms independently or communicate with facility management control systems. The X-Line Digital’s slim profile, lightweight design and wall-mount option give operators the flexibility to install the unit even in locations that are very space-constrained. This can also help to lower installation costs and to potentially avoid expensive system design workarounds or relocation issues.

“The X-Line Digital was designed with c-store, small-format store and restaurant operators in mind,” said Julie Havenar, product manager — condensing units, Emerson. “With rising energy rates and ever-increasing customer expectations, the pressures on operators to be competitive are as strong as ever — prompting many to reevaluate their refrigeration strategies. With the X-Line Digital condensing units, we set out to redefine refrigeration and to help ease those pressures with improved energy savings, reliability, and lower maintenance and installation costs.”