Emerson Introduces ProAct Services Trial Program

Emerson introduces the ProAct Services Trial Program. ProAct is an enterprise-level connectivity, software and service management program designed and optimized for supermarkets, convenience stores, retail, restaurants and similar commercial environments. This trial program allows retailers to access ProAct Services through cellular connectivity without direct connection to the retailer’s enterprise network. Retailers using ProAct Services receive timely information on energy expenditure, maintenance costs, refrigerant leaks and shrink causes. Systematic measurement of these cost drivers provides a powerful basis for everyday decision-making. Emerson experts in the ProAct Service Center are trusted advisors that assist retailers with identifying opportunities for operational improvement. Emerson is currently offering a three-month trial program for retailers to gain valuable insights into their store operations. This convenient, nominal-fee trial program provides participating retailers with access to the most popular ProAct Services features, such as alarm management, setpoint management, food quality reporting and the Site Manager software application to analyze data and consolidate reports. “Grocers work hard to keep consumers happy while also holding down operating costs. Protecting those hard-earned gains and identifying new opportunities for improvement is important,” said Paul Hepperla, vice president of North American solution sales, retail solutions, Emerson Commercial & Residential Solutions. “With the ProAct Services Trial Program, retailers can access the information and support they need to better optimize facility systems, utilize staff more productively and improve business operations.” With cellular-based installation, setup for the ProAct Services Trial Program can be done quickly. The facilities are supplied with a cellular modem and data service plan to fit their specific needs, which is included in the standard trial cost. With no direct connection to the company network, there is no need for IT support and no risk of access to critical POS data through the retailer’s facility management system. Services in the standard trial program are supported by facility management systems, like Emerson’s E2 system. Retailers without existing facility controls in place can work with an Emerson supplier to install the necessary hardware. At the conclusion of the trial period, the participating retailer can opt to continue service with an annual contract, or disconnect with no additional fees, service calls or equipment returns. With proven results through the ProAct Services Trial Program, Emerson can help the retailer convert to an enterprise-wide, network-based service.


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