ENGIE Refrigeration supplies air-cooled QUANTUM series with high-efficiency condensers

Efficient solutions for any cooling scenario: optimum-performance condensers for installation in air-cooled QUANTUM chillers by ENGIE Refrigeration GmbH provide optimal cooling performance. The output increases, noise emissions are low and the footprint stays the same.

The air-cooled QUANTUM series by ENGIE Refrigeration optionally features integrated free cooling and has a refrigeration capacity of up to 1,800 kilowatts. The air-cooled QUANTUM chillers can also operate using either R-134a or R-1234ze as refrigerant. Specially for use in hot countries and areas where low noise emissions are crucial, the refrigeration specialist from Lake Constance now also equips the air-cooled QUANTUM chillers with new condenser coils for chilling the refrigerant.
Air-cooled QUANTUM for tough requirements
This innovative solution by ENGIE Refrigeration shows its strengths especially where outdoor temperatures are high: the recooling capacity has been optimised overall and ensures optimum cooling output even where temperatures constantly remain high. This chiller design is thus predestined for use in countries with long hot seasons. The air-cooled QUANTUM chillers are designed to fit the same footprint as earlier versions in order to keep the required installation space the same. At the same time, however, their cooling output is considerably higher. With the changes made to the condenser, the internal fans can run at lower speeds and power. This way, operators not only save on running costs but also reduce their systems’ noise emissions compared with the standard version – and of course score “greenie” points: the fan’s reduced power also means an indirect reduction of carbon emissions. These design features are especially useful when the surroundings or the application require low noise emissions, for example in hospitals or office complexes where every decibel counts. Maximum energy efficiency In addition, the redesigned air-cooled QUANTUM chillers allow you to adjust the condenser output to your needs. It is also possible to upgrade all standard models’ energy efficiency by adding free cooling – modular and capacity-dependent. This innovative solution is ENGIE Refrigeration’s answer to the market’s increasing requirements. The new concepts for the air-cooled QUANTUM series are tailored perfectly to meet customer needs.
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