Evapcold Low Charge Ammonia Refrigeration System and eco-ATWB-H Closed Circuit Cooler

Evapcold is a family of products which are factory-assembled, low charge ammonia refrigeration systems that require just a fraction of the refrigerant charge associated with traditional field-built systems. Consisting of self-contained refrigeration systems designed to ship in one or two-piece modules, the Evapcold product also offers simple plug-and-play installation and faster startups with significantly less on-site labor than its field-built alternatives. The Evapcold product includes several state-of-the-art innovations in heat transfer technology, energy efficiency and microprocessor control for reliable low charge operation. LCR-P Penthouse Models: The Evapcold LCR-P product line is based on a penthouse configuration, ranging in size from 10 TR to 100 TR capacity and an ammonia charge from 2 to 6 lbs. per TR. They are available with pumped recirculated ammonia evaporators for low and medium temperature applications or direct expansion evaporators for medium and high temperature applications. Significant features include water-cooled or air-cooled condensing, as well as hot gas defrost. LCR-C Chiller Models: The Evapcold LCR-C product line is a packaged chiller ranging in size from 20 to 150 TR capacity and 10 to 60°F chilled fluid temperatures. They are completely self-contained and have a very low ammonia charge of less than 1.0 lb per TR. They come with several optional features and accessories that make them a truly innovative solution for your refrigeration needs. The chiller provides a chilled secondary fluid (glycol) to the refrigeration load, which can be multiple ceiling hung coils, penthouse coils or process loads, making it a truly versatile product.

eco-ATWB-H Closed Circuit Cooler

The eco-ATWB-H is an induced draft, counterflow design closed circuit cooler with a CTI Certified capacity range of 850 to 16700 MBH (250 to 4895 kW). Standard construction includes the patented, high efficiency  EVAPCO Ellipti-fin Coil, EVAPCO’s new ARID fin Pak™ dry coil, and G-235 (Z-725 Europe) galvanized steel casing and basin. Type 304 or 316 stainless steel construction is available for the basin or the entire unit.   Read More
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