Facilio’s New Refrigerant Tracking and Leak Detection Software Solution

Date: 29 May 2024
Facilio’s New Refrigerant Tracking and Leak Detection Software Solution
Facilio’s New Refrigerant Tracking and Leak Detection Software Solution
The solution, combined with the CMMS and IoT-based remote monitoring capabilities of Facilio’s Connected Retail platform, enables end-to-end management of multi-site retail operations.

Property operations software firm Facilio announced the launch of its ready-to-deploy refrigerant tracking and leak detection software solution. This is intended for all grocery and convenience store operators who want to implement an automatic leak detection system to identify and mitigate potential refrigerant leaks to achieve 100% compliance.

Commercial cooling systems use about 16% of the UK's electricity and are responsible for around 10% of greenhouse gas emissions. Refrigerant leakages from equipment contribute significantly to this. A recently introduced European Regulation on F-Gases – the most common refrigerants – places a legal obligation on equipment users to check and record leakage, and to reduce it where technically and economically feasible.

“Store operators are kept awake at night by hefty fines, legal fees, and mounting paperwork. With an advanced AI tool like ours, they can now not only have their audit-ready reports but also make decisions based on real-time data. The automated proactive signaling mechanism triggers alerts to swiftly identify and mitigate potential refrigerant leaks, ensuring operational continuity and sustainability,” said Facilio’s head of retail division and Director of Customer Success Basant Singhatwadia.

The refrigerant tracking and leak detection module is part of Facilio’s popular IoT solution, Connected Retail, which powers the store operations tech for US and UK retail brands across 13,000 sites. Retail chains in the UK such as Robert Dyas and Ryman have deployed the Connected Retail solution to gain portfolio-level visibility and control of store operations. The beta version of the Refrigerant Compliance & Leak Detection software solution was deployed across 300 grocery and convenience store sites in the US, with much success.

Facilio’s Connected Retail is a one-stop solution for multi-site store operators to streamline facility operations. It offers:
  • a Connected CMMS (asset and maintenance management solution) purpose-built for retail facilities, along with an elegant mobile app for technicians to keep track of processes on the go,
  • an intelligent remote monitoring system to track asset health and identify energy-saving opportunities,
  • a strong refrigerant leak detection mechanism.
“Food retailers typically need all three systems to run their day-to-day operations efficiently. At Facilio, we offer these in a single software platform. Leveraging the power of AI, IoT, cloud, and mobile technologies, the solution helps to automate compliance, leak detection, and lifecycle management of HVAC/R assets, closing the loop with CMMS capabilities to track workflows to completion,” said Raj Subramanian, Co-founder and CPO of Facilio.
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