Frascold is the choice for ALTA's Expert Solution

ALTA Refrigeration, located just outside of Atlanta, has built world-class industrial refrigeration systems for over 40 years. A family-owned operation, ALTA is committed to building the industry’s most efficient refrigeration systems. With a focus on quality, reliability, safety and efficiency, ALTA has become one of the most trusted names in the industry.

 ALTA’s Expert Solution is a modular industrial refrigeration system conceived as an alternative to low charge ammonia systems. An air-cooled system, the EXPERT line delivers the same refrigeration power as custom-built ammonia systems while using no water with the same annual power consumption.
This non-toxic refrigerant solution has helped customers reduce long term operational costs including power, water usage, and maintenance.

EXPERT units are designed for varying capacity requirements and have the flexibility of “converting” from low- to high-temperature applications by simply adjusting the temperature set point.

The build shown here features Frascold NR series screw compressors. RTS and NR series semi-hermetic screw compressors have been developed for universal application in medium to low temperature refrigeration systems, and are suitable for parallel multi-compressor systems.
There are 34 models available with refrigeration capacity range up to 634 kW and volumetric capacity from 5,085 to 22,800 CFH at 60Hz.

Designed to function continuously for long periods with minimal maintenance, the RTS and NR screw compressors provide lower noise and pulsation than competing products. Special oversized bearings designed for tough applications have an average life of 40,000 hours. Efficiency is high even at partial loads and all models can be used with an economizer and variable frequency drive.
Rotors design guarantees elevated performance under all operational conditions (pressure, temperature and speed of the refrigerant) which might be encountered in the related fields of operation.
Frascold’s “made in Italy” quality is backed up by our standard two-year warranty.

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