FRASCOLD upgraded version of the Oil Level Regulator devices

FRASCOLD is introducing the upgraded version of the Oil regulation devices INT280 Diagnose. This new version replaces by now the INT280 which is no more available. Purchasing codes and pricelist remain unchanged for all the three power supplies: T00EC1900 AC 230V 50/60Hz ±10% 25VA T00EC1910 AC 115V 50/60Hz ±10% 25VA T00EC1920 AC 24V 50/60Hz ±10% 25VA

Main feature

The INT280 Diagnose saves operating and error data in a nonvolatile memory. This data can be read and evaluated for diagnosis.

Functional description

• Oil level control. If the oil level is too low, the intelligent filling algorithm controls the oil refill. To do this, the integrated solenoid valve is opened cyclically. The oil level regulator switches the compressor off through the internal relay if the oil level remains too low after an extended period of time. Oil refilling continues after this. When the oil level is sufficient the relay tightens, the compressor can start again. The reactions are time delayed, to prevent unnecessary switching in response to temporary fluctuations in the oil level. • Oil level monitoring. The INT280 Diagnose has its own monitoring system of the optical sensor. In the event of malfunctions or soiling, the relevant warning or error will be notified. • Settings & Communication. The opertaing parameters are adjustable through the Diagnose Port with the aid of the INTspector. A connection to the Diagnose compressor protection module can be created through the Diagnose Port. • Monitoring status. The integrated LED indicates the current status through a cyclical flash sequence (see tables of flash codes).

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