FREOR presents Pluton Space Island R290

FREOR has developed a refrigerated autonomous semi-vertical PLUTON SPACE ISLAND, and its’ special refrigeration system (international patent pending). As company aims to encourage the use of refrigerants with a low GWP value, therefore this solution is  “naturally green”, using propane R290 as a coolant.

Functionality at Its Best

This plug-in island features an attractive ergonomic design, offers a modern presentation of products and guarantees perfect cooling performance – exactly the aspects appreciated in the supermarket. Thanks to its modular design that permits to choose a desirable display layout and optimize the utilization of floor space, this semi-vertical self-service cabinet allows meeting the needs of various format stores. Specifically chosen location of the refrigeration cycle components improves the utilization of space, therefore space to display the merchandise is optimised.

Flexible Refrigeration Solution

A great thing about this plug-in refrigerated display island is flexibility within all premises. The special modular system makes different combinations possible. All refrigeration components are factory integrated, therefore it is possible to install the shopping island in an operating store anytime, without the need to close the shop and change an existing refrigeration system. This significantly reduces installation costs and makes it perfect for renewing and modifying the stores.


Green choice

This plug-in semi-vertical island uses propane R290 refrigerant to replace traditional HFCs, with the result of better performance and a reduction of the CO2 footprint. Higher energy efficiency due to the natural refrigerant and innovative refrigeration system enables to improve operational costs.

The move away from higher GWP refrigerants is gathering pace, and in the light of F-gas phase down, propane is a reliable and accessible natural alternative to F-gas refrigerants.
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