FSS3 - Frascold Selection Software v1.8


The new software is easy to use and provides accurate results supporting the operator with all the necessary data for: - selection of compressor and condensing unit - table of performance data for selected product - performance calculation under design operational conditions Download the 'setup.exe' file to your computer, then run the file following the instructions for software installation. Once installed, click on "Frascold Selection Software" icon on your desktop. Find hereinafter the details of the last FSS3 Frascold Selection Software release. ALL SOFTWARE: · NEW: Selections can be saved and recalled · NEW: it is now available the "Documentation" page for technical docs download · Selections avoid models that are out of production · Miscellaneous corrections and fix bugs RECIPROCATING COMPRESSORS & CONDENSING UNITS: · UL compressors: 575/3/60Hz motors are available for Q series · UL compressors: 208-230/3/60Hz motors are available for A/B/D series · Compressor-condensing Units: added R448A and R449A refrigerants · Miscellaneous corrections SCREW COMPRESSORS: · Refrigerants R1234yf, R513A and R450A are available for all CX compressors · Refrigerants R1234ze is available for CXW compressors · Added digits "AX" to all CX compressors selected for HFOs, HCs and A2L refrigerants · CX series: removed step data at 75%, 50% and 25% (new polynomials will be available on the next FSS release; data are however available upon specific request) · CXHI & CXWI by 1000m3/h and 1085m3/h are available · Refrigerants R290 is available for all NR6 compressors · Added new model NRH6-180-538Y (not UL certified) · Miscellaneous corrections R744 CYCLE TOOLS: · Added new compressors D-TK series · Added subcritical compressors SK3 series · TK series: revised performance according to new lab tests · Added other power supply motors, different from 400V/3/50Hz · Q-TK and S-TK weights have been up-to-dated · Different Coolers are available for better selection of R744 systems · Added A/C load on parallel to improve the system calculation · Enhanced input section and P&I graphics visualization · Miscellaneous corrections

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