Fujitsu General Releases the AIRSTAGE J-III L Series of Multi Air Conditioners for Shops and Offices in North America

Date: 24 April 2019
Fujitsu General Releases the AIRSTAGE J-III L Series of Multi Air Conditioners for Shops and Offices in North America

Fujitsu General will release the AIRSTAGE J-III L series of multi air conditioners for shops and offices from April to expand our air conditioner business in the North American market – one of the most important markets.

By expanding the J-III L lineup this time, Fujitsu General is aiming to enlarge our overseas commercial business introduced in our mid-term management plan.

Duct-type whole building air conditioning*2 is the mainstream in the air conditioner market in North America. However, in recent years, the degree of recognition of ductless type individual air conditioning*3 with its advanced energy-saving performance and great ease of construction has been increasing for both home and business use. This has also led to demand growing year by year.

Fujitsu General has realized the industry’s smallest compact outdoor unit with the AIRSTAGE J-III L Series by reviewing the chassis structure. At the same time, we have also reduced the product weight by 30% compared to the existing model. This has made it easier to transport and install. It has also reduced the constraints on construction. In addition, we have reviewed the fan shape to achieve a low noise of 54 dB at the top class of the industry.

Fujitsu General has responded to various needs – from small buildings to large buildings and from home use to business use (e.g., in buildings) – with each series in the AIRSTAGE range. We will now work on further spreading and expanding ductless type air conditioners in North America with the introduction of this J-III L.

Main Features

1. Industry’s smallest*1 compact outdoor unit (10-ton (35.2 kW) class)

2. Achieves a low noise of 54 dB (6-ton (21.1 kW) class) at the top class of the industry

3. Up to 30 indoor units can be operated with one outdoor unit (10-ton (35.2 kW class))


As of April 23, 2019. According to our research. In the 10-ton (35.2 kW) class. Dimensions: 1,638 mm (H) × 1,080 mm (W) × 480 mm (D).
In this air conditioning system, cool/warm air blows to all rooms through ducts installed in the building from one outdoor unit.
In this system, indoor units are in individual rooms and cool/warm air is circulated in each room. Operation and temperature adjustment can be performed only for the rooms needed. Therefore, it is highly efficient and has excellent energy saving properties.
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