Future Supermarkets Enable the Energy Transition

Danfoss will participate in the next International Energy Agency (IEA) conference in Rotterdam on May 2017 to paint the vision of the new role for supermarkets as enablers of the energy transition. Under the title of the "Integration of the hidden refrigeration capacity as heat pump in smart energy systems," we will describe an innovative future, based on state-of the art technologies that help to integrate higher shares of renewable energy into the energy system. The challenge of integrating more renewable energy, primarily wind and solar, is that the elements can not be controlled. A person can't make the sun shine or the wind blow at a certain point in time, such as when they want to charge our phone. Electricity generated on windy nights and sunny days needs to be stored so it can be used when it's needed. The ability to do this, namely, to provide flexibility for the energy system and storage, is called demand response. There is a solution available today. Thanks to the potential of supermarkets, the excess capacities of their refrigeration systems can be unlocked, via a heat pump, to offer the required flexibility to the energy grid of the future. Using existing technologies in new and innovative ways, such as a supermarket's refrigeration system to create flexibility in the energy system, is of the utmost importance, according to a World Economic Forum report on Grid Edge Transformation. Danfoss provides the innovations necessary to create electrical and thermal energy storage capabilities with supermarkets. These solutions will enable supermarket systems to go beyond normal waste heat recovery and become decentralized heat producers that can export excess heat to connected thermal networks. As supermarket refrigeration systems are dimensioned for "the hottest day in a ten-year period," the normal refrigeration system has substantial surplus capacity - up to 70% of which can be utilized to supplement external energy systems. Future supermarkets are not only excellent new business cases for their owners in terms of energy efficiency, but they are also good for the environment. Supermarkets can obtain up to 40% cost and emission savings by leveraging the full potential of their refrigeration system in the context of variable electricity prices. Accumulated CO2 savings can be in the range of 60-70%. With innovative solutions, Danfoss keeps people, products, and the planet cool. Read More
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