Güntner Coil Defender – New addition to corrosion protection portfolio

Cold rooms with aggressive atmosphere where, for example, foodstuffs are processed and stored require corrosion-resistant units. It is precisely these applications for which Güntner introduces the Coil Defender, a high-quality yet reasonably priced addition to our corrosion protection portfolio in the Compact product line. Corrosion protection with HACCP certification Particularly in the sensitive food sector, e.g. for the storage of citrus fruits, in fermentation interrupters and in processing rooms, the Güntner Coil Defender is a high-quality solution for all cases that require a unit with increased corrosion protection and where stainless steel would be over the top. The powder coating, evenly applied to the entire coil, reliably protects the conventional material combination of copper/aluminium from corrosion. The food-related Plus: The powder coating is food-safe and thus perfectly adds to the HACCPcertified Güntner air coolers. The Coil Defender is a standard option for all air coolers of the Compact product line. Easy to clean Also cleaning is naturally highly important in the food sector. Those air coolers equipped with Coil Defender are designed in a way that facilitates cleaning – in addition, the Coil Defender powder coating is resistant to conventional cleaning agents.   Read More

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