Güntner WiFi Modules speak your language

The Güntner Communication Modules optionally available for GMM controllers (Güntner Motor Management) and GHM controllers (Güntner Hydro Management) were complemented by trend-setting, in-house developed industrial Ethernet communication protocols.

Direct connection for efficient systems

The recently developed communication protocols complement the classic, well-proven fieldbus technology. The communication modules can be considered the interpreters ensuring the communication between controllers and superordinate systems. In other words, the GCM WiFi Module connects the control unit Güntner Motor Management (GMM) EC to a WiFi or LAN network. The control unit allows for reading individual parameters from the control unit and for changing parameters.

Modern communication standard

Due to increasing demands on the capacity of transfer technology, the "interpreters" had to learn additional "languages": Industrial Ethernet protocols such as BACnet/IP and Modbus/TCP have become a standard in refrigeration engineering. Thanks to our development and introduction of the BACnet/IP and Modbus/TCP communication protocols, the WiFi Modules for the GMM and GHM controllers meet all the requirements placed on today's refrigeration engineering. Previous models can also be equipped with the new communication protocols via a software update.

New settings options

Additional settings regarding BACnet, Modbus and the IP address can now be made via the tried and tested web browser mode: For instance, the bus communication Modbus/BACnet and its specific settings can be activated via the "settings" menu item. What's more, you can define the IP address as static or dynamic (DHCP – Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) via LAN configuration.

Previous functions still available

It goes without saying that the previous functions of the GCM WiFi Module are also available when using the BACnet/IP and Modbus/TCP communication protocols. In addition to the bus communication, you can also access unit information and settings using an app, a web browser and the remote access when connected via a VPN tunnel.
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