GEA presents high-performance compressors for natural refrigerants

The new 6-cylinder compressor for hydrocarbons: GEA Bock HG56e HC

New on the market is the GEA Bock HG56e HC series for the use of hydrocarbons – it combines state-of-the-art technology with GEA design standards, which have been proven for decades. This series replaces the previous 4-cylinder series HG5 and a part of the HG6 compressors. The new 6-cylinder compressors offer higher efficiency and a quieter operation compared to their predecessors.

The new GEA Bock HG56e HC also offers the following advantages:

  • New designed housing with optimized gas flow
  • Improved valve plate system
  • Durable engine for demanding applications with hydrocarbons
  • The latest generation of highly efficient electric motors
  • Standard mounting positions

Most extensive performance coverage in the industry

With three sizes of the GEA HG56e series covering the range from 73.8 m³/h to 100.4 m³/h displacement (at 50 Hz), the GEA HC series can guarantee the most extensive performance coverage in the industry. The new compressor series for hydrocarbons combines high efficiency, running smoothness, compactness and a long life cycle. Due to optimized engine components and an adapted specific oil filling, all models offer highest performance, even under very demanding operating conditions of hydrocarbons. The GEA compressors of the hydrocarbon and CO2 range also meet the requirements of the F-gas regulation. This provides planning assurance to plant manufacturers, operators and investors.

Powerful in subcritical and transcritical CO2 application

In supermarkets, cold storages, on fishing vessels and other areas such as food processing, CO2 refrigeration systems have already proven their value. GEA offers a variety of compressors for commercial and industrial cooling or heat pump applications for use with CO2 as a refrigerant. On display at the GEA booth and already available on the market for many years is the 6-cylinder GEA Bock HG46 CO2 T compressor. This model is the largest semi-hermetic piston compressor for transcritical CO2 applications and has proven its reliability in several projects. In product development GEA compressors have been optimized for use with CO2. Relevant features include a reliable design to meet the challenges of any CO2 operation, a high level of stability due to low vibrations and pulsations, quiet operation and extremely low oil carry-over. In addition, the design engineers have implemented a good thermal separation in the compressor, to benefit higher efficiency as confirmed by the ASERCOM certification for a number of transcritical CO2 compressors. The compressors can be operated over a broad frequency range, which assures ideal response to meet partial-load requirements.  
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