Geniox - now with the latest fan technology for air handling units

Date: 06 November 2019
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A brand new blade design helps Geniox improve efficiency up to 7% and significantly reduces sound power levels.

Systemair's calculations show that Geniox with the new blade design can perform as current EC fans with a significantly lower SFP value. The same calculation showed that the sound power level could be lowered by up to 5dB(A). This represents a significant improvement as studies show that the human ear perceives a reduction in the sound power level of 3dB(A) as a reduce with 50%.

The new fan blade also comes with a new motor that is in the highest energy efficiency class, IE5. Thanks to this, the motor contributes significantly to greatly improved energy efficiency. In some cases, the fan's higher performance means that a smaller size can be selected.

Both fan and motor are available in several sizes. It contributes to more flexibility and the opportunity to meet exactly the aimed working point in each project.

The fan blades are made of a composite material specially developed for this particular fan. It is strong as steel but weighs considerably less. In addition, the material is 100% durable.

An app has been developed for the new engine which allows to control all 3 phase motors. It enables faster adjustment, better control and the ability to change the default settings, e.g. switch from 0-10V control to ModBus.

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