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Group TIKSI successfully works in the market of refrigeration equipment since 2007. Many projects to equip refrigeration warehouses, pharmaceutical companies, restaurants and supermarkets. Entrusting us to solve very specific problems, you can be sure that they will be resolved with a high level of quality, in terms approved by you. Today the company has more than 1,000 completed projects, of which more than 90% as a general contractor. Installation work performed by certified engineers and technicians with years of experience in the construction and installation services. Our service team is always ready to make prompt repair customer's equipment, as well as conduct regular warranty or post-warranty service at the highest level. It should be noted that the stable attractive prices for equipment and services company allowed to purchase a large number of regular customers and among the largest Russian companies. tixi1 tixi2 The main activities SERVICES: • Calculation, supply, installation and maintenance of the entire spectrum of refrigeration equipment; • Sales, installation and servicing of equipment shops and catering facilities; • Repair of refrigeration equipment of any kind; • Design and installation of cold rooms for storage of flowers, wine or fur products. EQUIPMENT: Refrigeration equipment for warehouses, shopping pavilions and private sector • Cold; • Split System, one-piece, complete refrigerating machines; • The doors of all types for cold stores and warehouses; • Cameras for flowers; • Cameras for furs; • Wine cellars of precious wood. Commercial refrigeration equipment for retailers, pharmacies and medical institutions • Cabinets, chests, windows, cabinets, Bonet racks; • Cabinets for wine made ​​of precious wood (own production). Technological equipment for restaurants, canteens and cafes • Gas, electric ovens, combi ovens, Boilers food, cabinets frying, baking and proofers, fryers, steam tables, macaroni, fry tops; • Refrigerated tables; • Chopping and other tables of all kinds, bath wash, Exhaust hood, racks and shelves, trolley, cash boxes; • Distribution lines; • Dishwashing equipment.
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