Haier Launches Magnetic Bearing Centrifugal Chiller Unit


Haier Central Air-Conditioning (<span id="spanHghlt3246">Haier CAC</span>), a business unit of Haier Group Corporation, debuted its <span id="spanHghlt3db5">magnetic bearing centrifugal chill</span><span id="spanHghltbf9b">er </span>unit with world's largest cooling capacity, 4200RT, at the 28th China Refrigeration Exhibition held in Shanghai New International Expo Center on <span class="xn-chron">April 12</span>. One unit can cool a 100,000-square-meter, a feat unmatched to date, while the Integrated Part Load Value (IPLV), the indicator of efficiency at full load conditions, measures 13.18. The new unit brings the application of magnetic levitation technology in the refrigeration sector to an entirely new level.

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At variance with traditional central air-conditioning, the maglev unit is oil and friction free, consumes 50 per cent less energy and has a 30-year-long service life, twice as long as traditional units. As a result of these advances, <span id="spanHghlt3db5">magnetic bearing centrifugal chill</span><span id="spanHghltbf9b">er </span>is taking the front seat in terms of becoming one of the key development directions for the central air conditioning industry. Early in 2006, Haier pioneered the development of <span class="xn-location">China's</span> <span id="spanHghlt3db5">magnetic bearing centrifugal chill</span><span id="spanHghltbf9b">er </span>sector and, in 2015, launched its first model, rated at 2200RT, which, at the time, was the highest available cooling capacity on the market. The just rolled out 4200RT unit sets a new world record.

In terms of intelligence technology, the unit is equipped with the self-cleaning Driverless maglev system, a system that is fully automated to the point of requiring no human intervention for upkeep and maintenance during the entire life cycle, and requires half the power consumption of traditional units when in operation. The air conditioner is the first unit in the industry that applies artificial intelligence to large-scale industrial equipment, making full use of the latest in technological advances in terms of the interconnection between man and machine and between machine and machine.

In terms of manufacturing technology, <span id="spanHghltc337">Haier CAC</span> built world's first factory with the mission of producing user-centric central air-conditioners that leverages the technology of interconnected devices, while combining energy-saving technology, artificial intelligence and mass customization, bringing about the transformation from mass production to mass customization and accelerating the implementation of the China Manufacturing 2025 strategy, the Chinese government's initiative for the country's leading industries to attain self-reliance for key components and to integrate innovation across all aspects of a new product roadmap.

In the Chinese market, Haier has, to date, built and installed 539<span id="spanHghlt6a3d"> magnetic bearing centrifugal chillers.</span> Although, the installations are still considered part of a pilot program in a nascent industry, Haier has taken an 81 percent share of the market and has been the leader for five consecutive years. According to industry experts, the new 4200RT unit not only represents advances in magnetic levitation technology applications and innovation, but also acts as a core contributor to energy conservation and emission reductions, while serving as a backbone for the transformation of the green building sector.

Source: Haier

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