Hidria is strengthening its EC axial fans portfolio

Hidria is improving its existing portfolio of EC axial fans with the help of a new generation EC motor and thus expanding the diameter range up to 800 mm. Through a constant process of development and improvements, Hidria has taken another important step forward in EC technology by developing a stronger EC motor designed especially for medium and larger diameters. The new EC motor completes the range of existing EC axial fans and now offers customers a wider variety of Hidria EC products. Along with the already existing features in Hidria EC motors, the new EC motor is equipped with updated and improved single- or three-phase electronics with a power range up to 1.2 kW allowing axial fans to achieve air performance of up to 18,000 m³/h. Besides standard control inputs (0–10 V, PWM, 4–20 mA), the new motor offers an integrated MODBUS interface, which makes two-way monitoring the fan simple (for example, input communications such as start/stop, speed, acceleration or deceleration control etc. and output communications such as the actual speed of the fan, the temperature of certain elements of the EC drive, fault detection, operation history etc.). The latter is developed based on existing standards in the industry and is easily adjustable to customers’ needs. Together with the fan, the new EC motor offers a compact, efficient, low-acoustic level and energy-saving product that is at the same time also robust and durable. High energy efficiency is achieved with the help of permanent magnet EC motor technology with an integrated EC controller. The latter enables the possibility of continuous speed regulation of the EC fan and consequently the optimization of energy consumption through the entire scope. The EC controller is based upon Cortex technology and sensor or sensor-less EC motor control, which, together with the newly developed blade geometry, offers the low acoustic performance of the EC axial fan and suitability for both industrial and residential environments. The new generation EC motor is especially developed for axial fans used in applications such as heat pumps, condensing units, condensers, air coolers, chillers, heaters etc. hidria   Read more: Hidria
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