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application. Güntner company has expanded its range of dry coolers and condensers: now offered as a V-shaped diblock drycooler GFD with capacity of up to 2 MW. Thus, a higher power density relative to the machine footprint with a minimum number of fans. The new device, which extends the previous series of eight basic patterns have different slats and the pipe geometry, and various embodiments of heat exchange units, and is designed for different types of coolants and refrigerants. Robust design provides support tubes offload filled with refrigerant tube bundle, thus achieving high reliability seal. The handset comes fully ready for installation, so that the individual elements to conduct installation is not required. For transportation and installation of each machine are only crane eyelets; they are mobile (self-adjusting), so transportation is performed without any crane traverse. Despite the large size vehicles, can be transported on trucks. These devices GFD / GVD, as previous models have as standard partitions for optimal control of the fans. In addition, the devices are suitable for all types of regulation, as with AC fans (stepwise and smooth speed control), and the EU-fans (stepless regulation). GVD series capacitors on request can be made for R410A and operating pressures up to 41 bar. For both series offers numerous options and a wide range of accessories. Result: The judicious decision systems for different types of applications!
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