Hillphoenix AdvansorFlex CO2 Brings Sustainable Refrigeration to Retailers of All Sizes

Hillphoenix, a pioneer in designing environmentally sustainable refrigeration systems, now brings HFC-free refrigeration to small and medium-sized retailers. The company’s new AdvansorFlex CO2 refrigeration system delivers all the benefits of natural CO2 refrigeration in a compact and scalable format that is perfect for stores of every size. As part of the evolving Advansor CO2 platform, AdvansorFlex is an environmentally sustainable HFC-free system that uses non-toxic, non-flammable CO2 as its only refrigerant. Both Advansor CO2 and AdvansorFlex CO2 are part of Hillphoenix’s industry-leading Second Nature® line of alternative refrigeration systems. Because it relies solely on plentiful, allnatural CO2, AdvansorFlex is DOE and EPA compliant and exempt from future legislation and taxation. “AdvansorFlex is ideal for smaller retailers who want the environmental benefits and energy savings of CO2 refrigeration but don’t have the square footage for a full-sized system,” said Dustan Atkinson, product strategy manager for Hillphoenix. “Multiple AdvansorFlex units can also be grouped together in a distributed system, so it’s a good for larger stores as well.” A single AdvansorFlex unit can serve as a centralized refrigeration system in smaller stores such as convenience stores, pharmacies, and smaller format grocery stores. The unit’s weatherproof enclosure allows for both inside and outdoor placement, and its compact footprint takes up less floor space in back rooms, equipment rooms, mezzanines, and rooftops. Retailers of every size will appreciate the new technology’s straightforward installation, ease of maintenance, and reliable, cost-saving, day-to-day operation. Refcatalog Source: www.hillphoenix.com
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