Hitachi Expands High-efficiency PRIMAIRY Line of Commercial Mini-splits with new Wall Mount Unit

Date: 27 May 2022
Hitachi Expands High-efficiency PRIMAIRY Line of Commercial Mini-splits with new Wall Mount Unit
Johnson Controls-Hitachi has introduced a new Wall Mount indoor mini-split unit as the newest addition to its PRIMAIRY P300 line of high-efficiency, single-zone commercial mini-split systems. This energy-efficient and cost-effective ductless heating and cooling solution is designed to meet the unique needs of small to mid-size spaces such as shops, restaurants and classrooms.

“The new Wall Mount PRIMAIRY indoor unit intelligently optimizes the comfort in a space while reducing sound levels and power consumption while offering ease of installation to contractors and technicians,” said Manuel DelaFuente, vice president and general manager of Johnson Controls-Hitachi North America.

The new Wall Mount unit is compact and lightweight, and the full line of Hitachi PRIMAIRY mini-split systems come in multiple placement options that simplifies installation for contractors. Long piping further enhances layout flexibility, and a wide capacity range means there’s a precisely sized system for every application. Indoor units come in a range of styles and types to meet customer needs and application aesthetics.

The systems have a uniquely wide temperature range, performing in low-ambient temperatures down to -13°F(-25°C) (for the 24K model) and down to -4°F(-20°C) in heating mode for all other models.

The comfort needs of shops and restaurants can fluctuate based on a variety of factors, including occupancy levels. At the press of the “SMART” button, the new Wall Mount unit automatically adjusts temperature and fan speed based on the actual room temperature to provide optimal comfort, regardless of the unit being on or off.

Users can also activate the intelligent temperature control that provides ideal conditions for the space. The remote control is equipped with a temperature sensor that measures just over three feet into the surrounding temperature of the environment and transmits that information to the indoor unit every three minutes, intelligently adjusting according to the perceived temperature. Further, the unit provides nearly immediate cooling thanks to rapid inverter startup technology that allows the compressor to quickly reach its highest frequency.

When occupants are shopping, sharing a meal or attending an educational course, excess noise can affect their concentration. The new Wall Mount system features advanced comfort control technology, an innovative air duct design and a high-quality, silent DC motor, allowing the unit to significantly increase airflow and improve its distribution without generating additional sound or consuming more energy. Some PRIMAIRY models can achieve ultra-low sound levels.

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