Hoshizaki Europe Adds New Environmentally Friendly Ice Maker Model

Date: 05 March 2020
Hoshizaki Europe Adds New Environmentally Friendly Ice Maker Model
Hoshizaki's European subsidiary Hoshizaki Europe B.V. ("Hoshizaki Europe" hereinafter) released the "KMD-210AB-HC" Crescent Ice Maker in January 2020. It utilizes a non-CFC refrigerant (propane), which is becoming the standard for environmental friendliness in Europe. Crescent-shaped ice is widely used in fast food restaurants in Europe and North America. To increase adoption, the company has added this new non- CFC-refrigerant crescent ice maker to its existing cube and flake ice makers that use non-CFC refrigerant.
Hoshizaki founded Hoshizaki Europe as a sales subsidiary in Amsterdam, the Netherlands in 1992, and established branches in major European countries, including the UK, France, Germany, and Italy, as well as importers/distributors in Eastern Europe and Russia. The company now sells ice makers and refrigerators throughout Europe. As manufacturing bases, Hoshizaki Europe Limited was established as an ice maker manufacturing subsidiary, in Telford, UK in 1994. 
Hoshizaki intends to continue launching market-compatible products into overseas markets to strengthen presence as a food service equipment manufacturer.

Electric connection: 1/220 - 240V/50Hz
Outside Dimensions W x D x H (mm): 560 x 625 x 610 (*not including bin)
Capacity: Approx. 210 kg/day (at room temperature 10°C, water temperature 10°C)
Refrigerant: R290 (propane)
Water consumption: 0.77 m3/day (when used at room temperature 10°C, water temperature 10°C) Power consumption: 683W (75% power factor)

• High quality ice
Greatly reduces impurities for crystal-clear ice
• Low running cost
Improved heat-exchange efficiency for lower running cost
Employs double-sided evaporator for improved ice production capacity
• High durability
Evaporator made with highly durable stainless steel
• Environmentally friendly
Utilizes propane refrigerant, which has lower global warming impact

Throughout Europe

Target Customer
Food and beverage establishments
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