How to choose a refrigerated display cabinets for the bar?

The success of the bar depends on many components, including its location, based on consumer demand, service, quality of cooking, approach to the interior, as well as the selection of commercial equipment. Neither food outlet is complete without a convenient showcase for short-term display and storage products with a certain temperature. But for institutions focused on a narrow range of the target audience, in addition to the basic function of refreshment products of considerable importance is the appearance of the equipment, which should be considered when creating a cozy interior of the bar. vitrina2 When choosing refrigeration equipment for the bar to be clear about its design features and functionality. But the main question, which should be primarily guided showcase for the bar - is what type of product you are willing to offer the visitor. Meats, fruits, salads, ready meals, beverages, ingredients for cocktails, ice cream, cakes - all of these products need to be cooled in order to maintain freshness. In order to prolong their shelf life and preservation of presentation required refrigeration bar showcases possessing visitors to product selection. vitrina1 To demonstrate such widely sought-after dishes like salads, without which no cost, no banquet, a business lunch or a presentation, will be relevant horizontal tabletop display, built-in breakfast bar, with multiple levels and backlight. This bar is very attractive to visitors and will attract looks like customers who have settled at a table nearby, and had come up close to it in order to make a booking. 1 Temperature Mode of operation of refrigerating cabinets can be designed for low, medium or combined temperature range. Need to be guided on the range of products. Bar staff do not have to shift every time perishable food from the counter in the freezer, if they use desktop refrigerated cabinets, working at the right temperatures. 2 Type of cooling Cooling can be static, gentle to better preserve the presentation of products, or forced, for the providing the same temperature in every corner of the useful volume of the cabinet. 3 Type of glass The thicker the glass, the better the safety of the goods. Glass also differ in impact resistance, type of production, tempered. Tempered glass is safe in the event of damage, but can be difficult when it is replaced. Bent glass increases the attractiveness of display, though, and increases its cost. 4 Insulation Practicality of the equipment depends on the type of insulation of its walls. The inner surface of polystyrene gives a better jellied polyurethane foam. 5 Case More preferable are refrigerated bar windows with impact-resistant surface, which for many years to keep them stylish and beautiful look. 6 External Features Vertical equipment often choose to save space, and horizontal - for better visibility of the goods, which should also blend well with the interior of the bar room, and above all, a suitable shape, color, length and width of the calculations, what you should decide before buying. The length should be chosen based on the level of production. Width calculations will depend on where exactly is a showcase bar table, and location, in turn, should be chosen taking into account the specifics of the personnel, and facilities maintenance. Number of windows is determined by its vast range of goods, since each product has its own storage temperature is also available with several small storefronts for individual product groups. Details to be considered * Some models of refrigeration equipment, as a rule, for the general display of goods does not pass through the doorway of the building. * Ability to connect to water and sanitation. * The presence of a thermostat to control the cooling; convenience of the control panel. * Clean and tidy appearance of the windows - an integral part of successful sales, so has the value of the frequency and ease of maintenance. Hinged front glass, allowing it to wash the internal parts without removing the product, design is an advantage. * If you need to transport equipment during operation must take into account the presence of castor. In the absence of the wheels can be a useful feature for adjusting the height of the legs. Refrigeration equipment of universal type and can be specialized. For storing frozen foods require practical and durable Chest freezers with a blanking cover, inside of which is supported by a stable temperature in the range from -18 to -25 degrees. Larry, up to 250 liters, with one or more cameras are the best option for a small institution. By means of the electronic control panel can be set desired temperature inside a chest. If the atmospheric temperature is not correct, a beep will warn you about this. In conclusion, it should be said that for successful work places need to choose wisely and place the bar display, focusing not only on the technical characteristics, but also the manufacturer, model, suitable decor. So, you're sure to have the correct equipment, which functions for its intended purpose - to preserve the freshness and originality of products complements the interior commercial space.
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