IIAR’s natural refrigerant show


This year, the International Institute of Industrial Refrigeration (or IIAR) renamed its annual conference from the Industrial Refrigeration Conference & Exhibition to the Natural Refrigeration Conference & Heavy Equipment Expo, reflecting a new emphasis on, not just ammonia, but another natural refrigerant, CO<sub>2</sub>.

The 2017 event, which took place February 26-March 1 in San Antonio, Texas, did indeed feature many exhibits and sessions that addressed systems using ammonia, ammonia-CO<sub>2</sub>, or CO<sub>2</sub> by itself.

The following are highlights of some major announcements at the show.

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<strong>Evapco’s packaged chiller</strong>

Evapco displayed its new Evapcold low-charge packaged ammonia chiller at its IIAR show booth. The chillers are designed to produce temperatures ranging from 10°F to 60°F, with a “sweet spot” between 10°F and 35°F, said Kurt Liebendorfer, vice president, Evapco.

<strong>MRBRAZ’s AC chiller</strong>

MRBRAZ & ASSOCIATES, an engineering design firm based in Azle, Texas, has designed and installed low-charge DX ammonia chillers that provide air conditioning in office space at about 10 warehouse locations run by a major U.S. retailer, including four in the past year.

<strong>Hillphoenix to distribute NXTCOLD</strong>

OEM Hillphoenix has announced that it will be the sole distributor of NXTCOLD’s ultra-low-charge packaged ammonia units for industrial applications in Canada, Mexico and Latin America, handling manufacturing, marketing and installation.

<strong>Frick’s low-charge central system</strong>

Frick Industrial Refrigeration, a division of Johnson Controls, introduced a low-charge ammonia central system that uses “remote distributed condensing” (or RDC) units to substantially reduce the amount of ammonia required in industrial applications.

<strong>Emerson’s new CO<sub>2</sub> industrial compressors</strong>

At the IIAR show, Emerson, through its Vilter company, promoted transcritical and subcritical CO<sub>2</sub> compressors for industrial end users. For example, its new 550 series of open-drive reciprocating compressors, to be released in the next two months, will accommodate capacities ranging 50 to 223 TR for low-temperature applications (-20°F evaporating and 23°F condensing). The compressors will come in two, four- and eight-cylinder models. The eight-cylinder model was on display at Vilter’s IIAR show booth.


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