Industrial refrigerating equipment

Industrial refrigeration equipment has long been a necessary component in many areas of production, and, more recently, in the trade. The main application of these powerful and efficient units and installations - long-term storage of various goods, products in large stores and warehouses, as well as processes in the food industry and in heavy and chemical industries. In our online catalog you will find all the major brands of industrial refrigeration equipment and suppliers of industrial refrigeration equipment and components. An industrial refrigeration systems include cooling capacity of 15kW. This technique is able to quickly create and for a long time with great accuracy to maintain operating temperatures in different ranges. Industrial chillers are usually made ​​of reliable components and adapted to operate in adverse conditions. Like other cooling equipment, industrial chillers use the principle of the heat pump, ie, energy transfer between the heat receiving and teplootdatchikom. Features and specifications are refrigeration depend on the application and operating conditions - in each case has its own peculiarities. trade Initially, commercial refrigeration equipment was a cooling and freezing equipment small and medium power. However, with the advent of supermarkets and hypermarkets, equipped with every cooling unit its own refrigeration unit was inappropriate. The main problems with the built-in cold include: high noise levels; high energy consumption per unit volume of cooled; heat in the trading room and need for air conditioning; low resource built refrigeration units; significant decrease in the area of exposure and useful volume. In order to address these shortcomings in the major stores increasingly used commercial refrigeration equipment based remote cold. Refrigerant in such installations from a central chiller system for copper pipes supplied to the respective devices (consumers) - refrigerated and freezing hills, storefronts, baths, Bonet, cabinets, tables and cameras. Also effective to solve the above problems, centralized refrigeration allows you to backup power, which ensures uninterrupted operation of all equipment, even in emergency situations. warehouses Refrigerated warehouses are used for long-term storage and distribution of perishable products (food, medicines) from suppliers to retailers, catering and medical institutions. The main requirement for such stores, is to maintain a proper storage temperature: +14 ° C ... -5 ° C for medium warehouses and from -15 ° C ... -30 ° C - for low temperature. In warehouses used mainly centralized cold supply. At the same time the share of the latter in large systems with capacities from a few hundred MW increasingly instead of HCFCs (CFCs) used as refrigerants and coolants: propylene glycol, ammonia, carbon dioxide and others. Food Manufacturing In the food industry the most widely used: Freezing industrial cameras - used to store large amounts of raw materials, semi-finished billets and finished products; reliable and easy to use; Flake ice - is used in fish and meat industries; economical and have small dimensions; are air-or water-cooled; operate from an internal or external cooling unit; shock freezing cold stores - popular in major food production; used models based on air or water cooling, as well as with external or built-in compressor; milk coolers and chillers - used for cooling milk and liquids; performed as a single unit when the refrigeration unit is attached to the container, and the separation performance when the freezer is in a separate machine room. Category milk processing equipment. Heavy and chemical industries Special requirements for refrigeration equipment used in heavy and chemical industries. Although modern refrigeration units and have similar operating principles, in some areas of their application requires special design and some technical parameters. Refrigeration equipment used by each company must comply with the technological and sanitary standards and safety requirements. For example, machinery installed at the facilities of certain categories of fire, explosion and electrical has a special protective design (design that protects the equipment from explosion or fire). Refrigeration equipment for wet areas, usually equipped with a waterproof cover. Units used in areas with high temperature, typically have additional cooling system. Machines operating in dusty environments are ventilation systems and impervious to fine blends housing. Refrigeration equipment used in heavy and chemical industries, as a rule, has a special branch performance and manufactured to order in accordance with the terms of the forthcoming operation. In the chemical and heavy industry uses a variety of special refrigeration. The most common ones are: climate (test) cameras; Laboratory refrigerators and freezers; Cascading chillers; industrial coolers technical oils and water coolers; lyophilization (freeze-) drying; Laboratory thermostats; cryostats and other non-standard refrigeration equipment.

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