IoT platform: a complete platform of value-added services

CAREL presents its complete IoT platform. A new experience in interacting with units, from users in the field to managers in the office, all via cloud services. APPLICA is the new mobile app for installers and maintenance personnel, compatible with the latest generation of smart controllers with integrated NFC and Bluetooth® connectivity. Configuration and optimisation of unit set-up are made simple and intuitive by the combination of smartphone application and web portal, allowing configurations and graphics to be managed flexibly and always kept up-to-date. Management of units in the field and application of optimisation logic for more complex systems is implemented using the boss range of supervisors, which provide site owners and the maintenance team on-site support in managing the system and analysing performance. MCE will also see the presentation of the new boss mini, the solution for medium-sized systems that integrates all of the features of the range. New data processing technologies combined with CAREL’s thermodynamic expertise are integrated into the cloud portals to provide users with useful information to make everyday activities easier and more effective. The useful data are in fact collected and presented on dashboards for energy managers, service teams and quality departments. Specific views are customised for marketing managers and property managers, for different applications. Data from the field are processed using the latest machine learning technologies, applying predictive models for the development of new predictive maintenance services and performance optimisation. “Our RemotePRO, tERA and Armilla portals, and indeed all the products in the system, are constantly evolving: new data processing technologies allow us to create even more precise models”, commented Serena Ometto, IoT Marketing Manager. “Data analysis extends the understanding of real system operating conditions, while the availability of remote control services creates new needs and allows new services to be proposed. In this extremely dynamic environment, CAREL intends to be the right partner to face these new challenges!”

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