Kögel trailer telematics module

The innovative Telematics system enables to always have a full overview of your trailers “on the road”. It provides data in real-time*, including information about the location of the trailer, the cooling situation, the opening status of the doors, EBS data, and much more. The KTTM Kögel Trailer Telematics module is linked to the diagnostic interface of the trailer brake system. Alongside vehicle data, additional data relating to the trailer is also integrated into the assessment. Access the data at any time using a structured and user-friendly web portal, or via the “Kögel Telematics” app**. * Depends on the transfer rate and technical requirements. ** Available in the App Store. Benefit from a cost-efficient, advanced and reliable trailer telematics system. Kögel Telematics guarantees 24-hour monitoring of your trailer, and provides you with data in real-time*. „PosControl“ shows the current position and route of your trailer. „EBSControl“ provides information about the electronic braking system (EBS) such as mileage, speed, axle load and brake lining wear, etc. „TireControl“ provides information about tire pressure and tire temperature. „TrailerControl“ shows the current coupling status, the opening state of the doors and the battery status as well as whether the ignition of the tractor unit is on or off. „TempControl“ helps to monitor the temperature inside the refrigerated box vehicle and continuously monitors and documents the cooling chain. * Depends on the transfer rate and technical requirements.
  • The KTTM in-trailer Kögel Trailer Telematics module as an intelligent communications centre
  • Position data is precisely determined using satellites
  • Available trailer data is transferred via mobile communications masts
  • The mobile communications data is transferred to the database server
  • The data is managed on a database server and made available for the web portal
  • All the key information relating to the trailer or the overall fleet is accessed via the web portal or the app. There is also the possibility of managing the data in an ERP system, or freight forwarding software.
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