Kaltra announces the new Lightstream Freecool chiller family

Kaltra Innovativtechnik, a German-based provider of innovative thermal management technologies and advanced cooling equipment, is excited to announce the launch of the new lineup of freecooling chillers based on frequency-controlled compact screw compressors and microchannel technology adopted for both condensing and freecooling coils.

New Lightstream Freecool chillers are equipped with inverter-driven screw compressors, specifically designed to maximize energy efficiency at partial loads while providing the continuous speed modulation that facilitates better temperature control with less fluctuation. The control system dynamically manages the various components, including compressors, expansion valve, and fans, via implementation of advanced algorithms, with diagnostics that streamline both system startup and maintenance.

The control system of Lightstream Freecool chillers includes ClimateProfile - an energy analysis system which balance fans and compressors performances depending on installation site's climate data to reach the maximum possible energy efficiency of the chiller.

Lightstream Freecool design features microchannel condensers with 20% larger heat transfer surface and huge capacity microchannel freecooling coils applied in W-shaped banks, resulting in superior energy efficiency in both DX and freecooling operating modes.

Applying the microchannel technology to freecooling applications leads to significant increasing of freecooling time. With 12/18°C chilled water temperatures, Lightstream Freecool chillers operate in full freecooling mode at ambient temperature as high as up to +8°C (for Germany climate zones), which is 5°C to 6°C higher than the one for chillers equipped with traditional water coils. Such an increase in freecooling time translates to extraordinary electrical power savings for the end users.

Enhanced two-pass flooded evaporators used in Lightstream Freecool design are characterized by closer temperature approach and lower waterside pressure drops, compared to predecessors.

Lightstream Freecool chillers are equipped with RoboClean: an automatic coil cleaning system which determines the need for cleaning by reading from air differential pressure transmitters and starts coil cleaning procedure when the pressure difference rises above a set point. Automatic heat exchanger cleaning technique allow for maintenance to be performed without shutting down the chiller and disassembly, thus reducing the system downtime incurred by manual cleaning method.

Lightstream Freecool chillers accommodate a wide range of applications, including data center and IT cooling, process cooling, air conditioning solutions, and much more.  They feature a large operating envelope, producing chilled water from -12°C to 20°C.

In addition to its feature rich base design, Lightstream Freecool family offers a huge number of options and accessories to design tailor-made cooling solutions.

As a result of these improvements, the new Lighstream Freecool chillers offer the higher energy efficiency rates (EER) of 3.96 and able to operate in almost every climate zone, be it as cold as -40C or as hot as +55C.

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