Kaltra extends its range of air-cooled condensers with Bora XL

Date: 30 March 2021
Kaltra extends its range of air-cooled condensers with Bora XL
Model Bora XL air-cooled condensers, designed for outdoor applications, provide an efficient and practical solution to the selection of condensing equipment. These condensers feature an innovative design aiming to increase the performance and energy efficiency to meet today’s industrial and commercial refrigeration’s stringent needs.

Most important, by incorporating microchannel condensers, Bora XL condensers have remarkable low coil volume (more than 65% lower compared to units equipped with traditional copper coils), translating to considerably reduced refrigerant charge.

All-aluminum heat exchangers of Bora XL furthermore resistant against corrosion, even in chemically aggressive atmospheres or coastal installations, offering longer service life than traditional coils significantly.

Suitable for medium-pressure gases, including lower GWP refrigerants, ammonia, and a list of others, Bora XL is perfect for customers who are focused special attention on the environmental sustainability of their solutions.

Nominal heat rejection of the lineup varies from 150 to 1850kW for air-conditioning/refrigeration duty. Bora XL design lends itself to customization as required by applications. Low-ambient package, head pressure control, noise-reducing kits, as well as many other accessories, are available optionally. Conceived as ready to use solution, condensers can be equipped with fan speed controllers. By request, condensers can be configured for multiple circuits, anti-corrosion heat exchanger coatings, and BMS connectivity cards.
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