Kaltra extends its range of precision air conditioners for IT cooling

Date: 15 August 2020
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Kaltra is now offering its Lambda II-M range of modular precision air conditioning units with two cooling circuits as an option to standard units, to further increase overall system redundancy to meet the highest demands for critical IT cooling applications, including colocation and hyperscale data centers.

Covering the same cooling capacity range of up to 335kW per unit, dual-circuit Lambda II-M features independent control for each cooling circuit, giving data center operators benefits of economies of scale.

Lambda II-M offers industry-leading energy efficiencies with EER values in the range of 40 to 50, EC fans as standard to efficiently respond to cooling load fluctuations, and different control strategies for precision control of air temperature, humidity and airside.

Optional features include variable humidification and dehumidification, electrical heaters, flow regulation with a 3-way valve (standard is 2-way valves on the water return line and bypass), power supply backup, and advanced logic for cooling control and monitoring.

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