Kaltra introduces modular precision air conditioners

Date: 27 March 2020
Kaltra introduces modular precision air conditioners
Lambda CW II is the result of an extensive R&D process, with Kaltra utilizing microchannel coil technology to give new ranges their own unique properties for precision cooling.

The new series comprises 24 models of modular precision air conditioners with chilled water as a cooling source and capacities from 65 to 290kW, available in upflow and downflow configurations. Reduced footprint of the Lambda CW II series offers cooling densities as high as 75 to 105 kilowatt cooling per square meter.

New air conditioners feature microchannel dry coils designed in A-shape to enlarge heat transfer surface, reduce pressure losses and required fan power, and improve airflow path. As a standard, Lambda CW II units incorporate EC fans, a high-performance controller and feature-rich software, BMS connectivity, and the number of other options and accessories.

Optional features include humidity control, electrical heaters, flow regulation with 3-way valve (standard is 2-way valves on the water return line and bypass), power supply backup, and advanced software functionality for cooling control and monitoring.

As any air conditioners utilizing novel microchannel coils, Lambda CW II offers excellent energy efficiency and extended service life for a reduced cost and minimum maintenance expenditures.

Newest Lambda CW II will be ready for orders in Q2 2020.

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