Kaltra presented its second generation of compact precision cooling units

Date: 30 March 2022
Kaltra presented its second generation of compact precision cooling units
Compact DX II, the second generation of Kaltra’s compact precision air conditioners, ensures unmatched peace of mind in the operation of precision cooling applications. As proven by numerous customers across the globe, this family of air conditioners delivers the lowest total ownership cost of any precision cooling system on the market. The revised version – Compact DX II – is set to further improve efficiency and reliability figures.

Compact DX II received an improved dual-circuit evaporator based on microchannel technology boosting cooling power of the range to up to 55kW while bringing about a significant decrease in fan power draw. As a result, cooling density surged to 65kW/m², and energy efficiency reached 4.95kW/kW.

Customers of Compact DX II systems can also benefit from refrigerant charge reduction. For R410a with non-negligible GWP, charge reduction decreases the carbon footprint caused by refrigerant emissions. The range also planned for synthetic low-GPW refrigerant alternatives where charge reduction makes economic sense.

What’s more, Compact DX II features high-speed controllers with firmware designed and tested to optimize system efficiency under partial cooling loads, advanced diagnostics capabilities, and network connectivity options to ensure seamless integration into any modern BMS system.

The first roll-out of the Compact DX II systems supplied by Kaltra distributor in Malaysia for local telecom provider data center will be carried out in April 2022.
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