Kaltra set to launch next-generation screw chillers

Date: 01 April 2021
Kaltra set to launch next-generation screw chillers

Kaltra has overhauled its screw-compressor chillers to deliver higher operational efficiency with the new Lightstream Screw II range. Improvements include the latest screw compressors by Bitzer with smooth capacity regulation, redesigned refrigeration circuit, and evaporators.

The new ErP 2021 (Tier-2) compliant range delivers 250 to 1850kW cooling with an energy efficiency of up to 3.56 for 7/12° water and 35°C ambient air. Seasonal efficiency (ESEER) is as high as 4.89.

With four refrigerants available, of which three are lower GWP (R513a, R450a, and HFO-1234ze), Lightstream Screw II air-cooled chiller is also a solution addressing environmental sustainability. Further, the range offers improved sound performance and is also smaller in footprint compared to predecessor models. As with earlier models, the new units are equipped with Kaltra’s low-volume microchannel condenser coils contributing to less refrigerant charge.

The first orders are already signed for Lightstream Screw II chillers running on HFO-1234ze to be supplied in Scandinavia this month.

Air-cooled models with variable-speed screw compressors will be available in Q2 2021.

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