KAORI'S Double Wall Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger D206

Date: 16 January 2023
KAORI'S Double Wall Brazed Plate Heat Exchanger D206
Brazed plate heat exchangers not only come with advantages of high efficiency and compactness, but are also commonly used in commercial or residential applications such as heat pump.

In order to prevent malfunction due to internal leakage which may lead to health hazard, conventional way is to use two separate heat exchangers for thermal transfer. However, this makes the system complicated and spacing consuming, not to mention thermal loss that brings negative impact in the investment. 

Kaori develops several types of Double wall (D Series) brazed plate heat exchangers since 2015, adding an air gap between two fluids instead of single plate in the conventional design. In case internal leakage happens due to corrosion, fluid will leak out from the air gap, so it will not mix with the fluid on the other side and reduce the chance of system damage and health hazard. Furthermore, early leakage detection can be detected from the heat exchanger, so it can be replaced in early stage. Kaori’s D series also passed several international water related tests, and its effectiveness is proven. 

In 2022, Kaori successfully developed the latest D206 brazed plate heat exchangers, with 528mm in length and 246mm in width, making it the biggest model in Kaori’s double wall series. It is also one of a few models in the market that is capable of handling up to 45 Bar working pressure in its class, making it suitable for low #GWP #refrigerants (#R32,#R290 or #HFO-blends refrigerants).

Kaori's Double Wall comes with a complete range of 4 dimensions and 7 models.

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