KeepRite Refrigeration KTM Two-Way Medium Profile Evaporators

Date: 20 October 2019
KeepRite Refrigeration KTM Two-Way Medium Profile Evaporators
For almost 75 years, KeepRite Refrigeration has been a leader in the commercial refrigeration industry due to commitment to innovation and dedication to supporting customers. Utilizing the experience and expertise, KeepRite Refrigeration consistently pioneers new and improved solutions that best suit needs, including extensive line of evaporators.

Designed for rooms -10°F and above space or box temperature, KTM line of evaporators includes reach-in and walk-in cooler flexibility with a flush ceiling mounted evaporator. Designed with dual refrigeration coils and two-way air distribution this two-way medium evaporator effectively reduces air velocities and minimizes product dehydration.

Not only does the heavy gauge textured aluminum cabinet construction resist scratches/corrosion, it also minimizes weight for shipment, installation and service.

Available in 14 sizes that range in capacity from 9,450 to 29,500 BTUH, the KTM two-way medium profile evaporator is ideal for low and medium temperature applications and offered in air, electric or hot gas defrost (reverse cycle).

When choosing where to locate the unit in the room, it should be in an area that ensures uniform air distribution throughout the entire space to be refrigerated. Make sure the unit does not draw in, or blow directly out, through an opened door and that the product does not obstruct the free circulation of air.

Allow a minimum or 24” clearance at each end since two-way evaporators draw air though the fans and discharge through both coils. Don’t forget to consider the coil location as well in order to minimize the piping run length to the condensing unit and floor drain.

Not only are these units compatible with Low GWP Refrigerants, the low height and compact size maximizes the usable storage space. With internally enhanced tubing and attractive and durable high-density polyethylene fan guards, the terminal board allows for easy electrical connections while the hinged drain pan provides convenient access for cleaning.

Additional to the standard features, KeepRite Refrigeration also offers other available options for KTM two-way medium evaporators including optional corrosion protection such as fin materials and coating, as well as factory mounted solenoid valve, TXV and Thermostat on air and electric defrost models.

Furthermore, innovative EC motors with patented SmartSpeed technology and brand new ESP+ Intuitive Evaporator Control Technology are available as add-ons to the evaporator.
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