Kentatsu's new semi-industrial medium-pressure split-systems

Date: 30 April 2018
Kentatsu's new semi-industrial medium-pressure split-systems are designed to provide comfortable conditions in shops, offices, restaurants. For their class, the indoor units are very compact: the height of the model KSKS53HFAN1 is only 210 mm. The models operate on R410A refrigerant. The cooling capacity of the models is 5.28 and 7.03, while in the heating mode, the performance is 5.57 and 7.62, respectively. Blocks have a low noise level: from 38 dB (A). External static pressure up to 80 Pa allows the design of long and branched air ducts, over which air can be supplied to several areas of the same room or in several rooms. Greater freedom in selecting the installation locations for outdoor and indoor units is given by the allowable length of pipelines to 25 m and the difference in height between blocks up to 15 m. The standard delivery includes a long-life air filter and a KWC-32 wired remote, you can also order a wireless remote control.
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