Kirloskar TURBOTEK Centrifugal chillers

Kirloskar TURBOTEK Centrifugal chillers offer unparalleled return on investment throughout their life cycle. Positive pressure design with ozone friendly HFC134a refrigerant ensures that all components operate above atmospheric pressure. This avoids air and moisture seepage into the refrigeration circuit and eliminates the need for a purge system, a drawback of chillers using negative pressure refrigerants.

K-Smart, a microprocessor controller with user-friendly color touchscreen, graphical operating interface panel monitors and controls chiller performance. These chillers can also integrated seamlessly with user's Building Automation System (BAS) using BACnet, LonWorks or Modbus communication protocols. Smallest footprints help builders/architects/HVAC consultants save valuable floor space. Upgraded impeller designs result in substantial energy savings, with superior part load efficiencies. Variable frequency drives are available as an option. Chillers can be offered in single and dual compressor configurations.

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