Klein Tools’ Expansion to Test and Measurement Line Broadens Applications for HVAC Professionals

Date: 19 June 2018
Klein Tools for professionals since 1857, introduces the HVAC Clamp Meter with Differential Temperature (CL450) as well as multiple new K-Type Temperature Accessories. The CL450 provides accurate measurements of DC microamps, differential temperature, inrush current and more. Meanwhile, the available K-Type accessories help extend working temperature ranges for all digital multimeters and clamp meters. Klein’s expansion to the test and measurement line increases efficiency for HVAC professionals, and other tradespeople, who need an all-in-one solution to completing a range of tasks across different jobsites. HVAC Clamp Meter with Differential Temperature (Cat. No. CL450)
  • Easily performs functions specifically for HVAC applications, including:
    • Test leads measure AC/DC voltage up to 1000V, 600A AC Current, 60MΩ Resistance, DC millivolts and microamps, resistance, LoZ, continuity, frequency, duty-cycle, capacitance and diodes
    • Clamp measures AC current and inrush current
    • Dedicated mode for capturing DC micro amp and inrush current
    • Low-Pass filter and Low impedance (LoZ) modes help identify and eliminate ghost or stray voltages
    • Two K-Type thermocouple ports for differential temperature measurements
  • Auto-ranging True Root Mean Squared (TRMS) measurement technology enables accurate readings
  • Dual backlit 6000 LCD display provides easy-to-read measurements in low light environments
  • Digital temperature calibration at the push of a button for added efficiency
  • Rugged design stands up to jobsite demands with 6.6-foot (2m) drop protection as well as CAT IV 600V, CAT III 1000V, Class 2 and Double Insulation safety ratings
  • Includes carrying case, instruction manual, straight input test leads, two K-type thermocouples and 3xAAA batteries
  • Use with Magnetic Hanger (Cat. No. 69417), K-Type Temperature Pipe Clamp (Cat. No. 69140) and K-Type Temperature Probe (Cat. No. 69144) (sold separately)
K-Type Temperature Pipe Clamp (Cat. No. 69140)
  • Measures temperature from -4 to 212°F (-20 to 100°C)
  • Clamps around pipes from 1/4 to 1-3/8” diameter (up to 3.5cm)
  • 40-inch flexible lead (102 cm)
  • Works with any digital multimeter or clamp meter that measures temperature
  • Includes banana plug adapter, which is also sold separately (Cat. No. 69146)
K-Type High Temperature Thermocouple (Cat. No. 69142)
  • Provides higher temperature measurements in HVAC applications
  • Measures temperature from 32 to 896° F (0 to 480° C)
  • 3-foot coiled lead
  • Works with any digital multimeter or clamp meter that measures temperature
  • Includes K-Type High Temperature Thermocouple and one banana plug adapter
K-Type Temperature Probe (Cat. No. 69144)
  • Excellent for recording temperatures in HVAC ducts
  • Measures temperature from -58 to 1112° F (-50 to 600°C)
  • Pointed tip can easily pierce fiberglass ductwork for HVAC measurements
  • 5-foot coiled lead (102 cm)
  • Works with any digital multimeter or clamp meter that measures temperature
  • Includes banana plug adapter with probe
“From measuring differential temperature and AC/DC voltage to tracking resistance and continuity, there’s a lot that goes into ensuring a job is done safely,” says Sabrina Kalsi, product manager at Klein Tools. “Precision and accuracy are absolutely necessary to complete these types of tasks. That’s why Klein Tools' new HVAC Clamp Meter features auto-ranging True Root Means Squared measurement technology, while also enabling a wide range of other functions. Don’t forget to try out the K-Type Temperature Accessories, which will make this summer’s installations, diagnostics and maintenance projects effortless.”
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