KPS GLOBAL Introduces Accessible Cold Environments as Newest Cold Storage Innovation

Date: 01 October 2021
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KPS Global launched the newest innovation in the cold storage industry at Groceryshop in Las Vegas. Accessible Cold Environments (ACE) serves as an eCommerce fulfillment solution for grocers, warehouses, pharmaceutical organizations and more.

ACE was developed from a need for an easily accessible, open front, bulk storage space that could hold refrigerated products.

“Think of it as a walk-in with no doors,” said Mike Eakins, CEO of KPS Global. “The innovation’s design and method of operations reduce labor and operating costs by decreasing pick times in the online grocery fulfillment process.”

Loading and unloading product is quick and easy with the unique vertical lift system that allows full pallet loads of product to be moved into the refrigerated environment. The open front design refrigerates products with a patent pending triple air curtain that maintains two separate temperature zones between the unit’s large interior shelf and pallet area.

“The KPS Global Research and Development team never stops innovating,” said Eakins. “From working to find alternative products to combat the polyurethane foam shortage to developing game-changing new technologies, the team is dedicated to producing groundbreaking solutions to support our customers. We look forward to taking orders for this product in 2022.”

The unit is manufactured in the United States and arrives onsite in a plug-and-play design, limiting disruption to store operations.

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