LG’s new VRF system

LG’s new VRF system boasts superior energy efficiency, as evidenced by a 3.90 energy efficiency ratio (EER) in cooling operation and a 4.39 coefficient of performance (COP) in heating operation, whilst it is capable of achieving an ESEER value of 8.05 and a heat recovery potential COP of 9.57, in nominal operating conditions. The Multi V S Heat Recovery offers a host of unique LG technological developments, induding LG’s own 5th generation compressor equipped with a High Sided Shell (HSS) and a new Polyetheretheketone (PEEK) bearing which allows an all inverter system compressor to operate between 10Hz – 165Hz, increasing partial efficiencies, extending capacity, and increasing reliability. The advanced PEEK bearing system sees a redesigned scroll bearing, consisting of Polyetheretheketone, a material normally used in aeroplane engines to give high reliability by suffering minimum effects of frictional wear at high temperatures, caused normally by periods of oil less operation.

Dual Sensing Control

Directly benefiting the end user, Dual Sensing Control is a new advanced system concept that reduces operating costs and optimises comfort conditions. The Multi V S Heat Recovery system reacts to load requirements by monitoring both temperature and humidity levels. Using Smart Load Control (SLC), the system operating conditions are regulated in reaction to both latent and sensible heat loads rather than a traditional sensible load only, increasing energy efficiency by up to 31% compared to none SLC models. A typical VRF system operation would fluctuate considerably in order to maintain the required room conditions, normally operating on a thermostat on, thermostat off cycle. The Dual Sensing Control offers each user a selectable Comfort Cooling option, which maintains supply air temperatures around the desired room set point, reducing on/off cycling, eliminating draughts and delivering maximum user comfort. Multi V S Heat Recovery Dual Sensing Control coupled with its Comfort Cooling option provides a comprehensive automated solution reacting to multiple climatic conditions achieving optimal energy efficiency with maximum comfort levels. The Multi V S Heat Recovery has impressive piping flexibility with a 150m longest pipe length and 50m elevation between outdoor and indoor units, giving building designers the freedom to implement a wide range of configurations. Schematic design with the ability to connect heat recovery boxes in series, reduces both material and installation costs. It’s relatively small size and light weight - at only 118kg - also helps its location in space restricted areas. “LG’s outstanding Multi V S Heat Recovery VRF solution is perfect for buildings where space is at a premium,” says Andrew Slater, Technical Research and Development Senior Manager at LG UK. “It offers superb energy efficiency, strong, quiet performance and unbeatable flexibility. Our customers are excited that there is now a small, lightweight industry first heat recovery system with side discharge, and comparatively low running and maintenance costs. The Multi V S is yet another great example of LG’s commitment to responding to market requirements, producing the most efficient, technologically advanced products possible.” For greater convenience, LG has equipped the Multi V S with several handy functions including the user-friendly mobile LG MV to monitor system performance and adjust system settings.

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