Liebherr and Embraco create a new cooling dimension

For the refrigerator line using BluPerformance, Liebherr has chosen to work with the VESF compressor which is part of Embraco’s FULLMOTION technology. It’s a variable speed compressor controlled by an inverter, able to reduce energy consumption in refrigerators and freezers by up to 25% when compared to conventional On-Off technology, enabling in this way an energy savings of 40% when considering refrigerators in use over the last 10 years and allowing the customer to cut electric bill costs. The new Embraco VESF FULLMOTION compressors are integrated in many Liebherr BluPerformance refrigerators and contribute to making them ultra-efficient so much so that Liebherr has been able to create a new energy class: A+++/-20%. Thanks to these compressors, it’s now possible to reach 9% greater efficiency when applied in refrigerators, compared to the previous VESD model, making it the most efficient Fullmotion compressor. Besides, if the VESD compressor is in itself already silent, Embraco’s VESF – working at minimum speed – allows a remarkable reduction of system vibration as well as a noise level reduction of more than 2 decibels, offering, consequently, more acoustic comfort. The outstanding performance of Embraco’s FULLMOTION compressor allows rapid cooling and enhances temperature stability inside the refrigerator. This means better food conservation and considerable waste reduction. The reduced dimensions and technical features of the VESF compressor have enabled Liebherr to maximize the internal volume of refrigerators, positioning the cooling system at the base, so as to fully use all the compartments and improve the ergonomics of freezers. Liebherr has taken advantage of the FULLMOTION technology in designing BluPerformance. This platform, in fact, is provided with an innovative refrigeration system compactly integrated into the base of the refrigerator that, apart from allowing a remarkable increase in space, has contributed to enhancing energy efficiency and silence. Liebherr and Embraco, two market leaders, have joined their extensive experience to fulfill customers’ wishes with innovative products. The continuous research of innovative technological solutions is a benefit for every customer and ensures that the products of these two important companies can always offer longer freshness, energy savings and respect for the environment. Refcatalog Source:
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