MEHICS presents the new water chilled Close Control Air Conditioner, RC branded: NEXT X TYPE

Date: 15 May 2018

Introducing the NEXT X TYPE range

Mitsubishi Electric Hydronics & IT Cooling Systems presents the new water chilled Close Control Air Conditioner, RC branded: NEXT X TYPE. In line with RC’s 50-year experience of successful projects worldwide, it was designed following a CFD analysis (Computational Fluid Dynamics) with the aim of reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs of a data center, while providing high reliability and continuous operation.

The structure

The heart of the NEXT X TYPE is the innovative X coil. The unit is equipped with 4 coils with an “X” layout instead of the traditional single 8-row coils. This solution guarantees low pressure drop on air side, low turbulence, and balanced chilled water distribution inside the coils. The four coils allow for two stages of air cooling; the return air which enters the air conditioner from the top and passes through the pre-cooling coils first, followed by the cooling coils.On the water side the chilled water first passes through the cooling coils and then through the pre-cooling coils before leaving the air conditioner and returning to the chiller. NEXT X TYPE air conditioner is designed to have a return air temperature higher than 35°C and a supply air temperature of 23°C or higher. This conditioner is also designed in order to operate at minimum chilled water supply temperature of 18°C with ΔT of 10°C. If the ΔT is increased it is possible to obtain energy savings and significant pipe size reduction.

Operational Logic

NEXT X TYPE can operate in two different ways: the first is a single coil with chilled water source and a cooling process based on two stages at full cooling capacity; the second is a double coil with chilled water source and two cooling processes, each one based on two stages for TIER IV certified Data Center applications.

Record breaking pPUE

PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is the unit of measurement to evaluate global data center efficiency. PUE is the ratio between total facility power input and IT equipment power input. PUE is used to compare data center projects which consider the energy used for the whole infrastructure. Low PUE values mean high energy efficiency levels. Therefore, a PUE equal to 1 would mean not having any other energy consumption aside from the electronic equipment, thus it is the ideal value, which represents the lowest limit of the index.If we only want to evaluate the impact of the air conditioning on the energy efficiency of the data center, it is more correct to use another index: the pPUE (Partial Power Usage Effectiveness), which evaluates the energy efficiency of a portion of the data center, which could be physical or logical. In the case of air conditioning, it can be composed of all the components for cooling the electronic equipment. In this case, the pPUE is the ratio of (power used for cooling + power of IT equipment) / power of IT equipment.The result of NEXT X TYPE’s innovative lay-out, is a range that can ensure the highest performance, while working at excellent operating conditions with pPUE=1.07 (Partial Power Usage Effectiveness) and SHR=1.

The range

NEXT X TYPE range is composed of 4 models with a cooling capacity from 52 to 182 kW and has a wide range of accessories, such as the RC CLOUD PLATFORM, the most advanced solution in unattended monitoring and remote management for HPAC systems.
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