MHI Thermal Systems Expands Packaged Air-Conditioner Lineup


MHI Thermal Systems, Ltd., a Group company of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI), is to launch new compact, lightweight outdoor units for the 4, 5 and 6 horsepower (HP) models of its "HyperInverter" series of high-efficiency packaged air-conditioners. The company will also commence marketing of five new indoor units, for both the HyperInverter series and its "EXCEEDHYPER" series of ultra-energy-efficient packaged air-conditioners, equipped with a motion sensor function that detects the level of ambient human movement and automatically adjusts the room temperature accordingly. The new offerings are engineered for enhanced installation and construction ease while also improving energy efficiency, ambient comfort and operating performance. All new units will debut at the "HVAC&R JAPAN 2018" trade show at Makuhari Messe (Chiba) from February 27. The indoor units will be launched from Spring 2018 onwards, with the outdoor units following in summer.

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The three new outdoor units are significantly smaller and lighter than previous models, measuring 1,050 millimeters in height (a reduction of 250mm) and 86 kilograms in weight (a reduction of 12kg). This makes them the industry's most compact outdoor units for commercial-use air-conditioners. All units are in compliance with Japan's new energy standards introduced in 2015*. Efficiency has been enhanced and dimensions reduced through the adoption of a high-efficiency DC fan motor and newly designed large-diameter fan. Further, a variety of technologies and innovations have been incorporated to improve ease of installation and construction. For example, one-way piping length is an industry-leading 80 meters (m), and a "renewal kit" built into the unit enables the existing refrigerant piping to be used when the unit is replaced.

Indoor units equipped with the motion sensor function have until now been limited to the FDT ceiling cassette type with 4-way air outlets; now this feature will also be available on the FDTW ceiling cassette type with 2-way air outlets, the FDTS ceiling cassette type with 1-way air outlets,

the FDR ceiling recessed cassette type, the FDU high static pressure duct connected type, and the FDE ceiling suspended type. The lineup will be expanded to include 5 types and a total of 22 models. A motion sensor kit option will also be available that, when connected, detects when someone is in the room and the level of movement, prevents excessive cooling or heating, automatically shuts down when no one is present, and automatically starts up again when someone returns. This feature contributes to energy-saving operations. The new indoor units will be launched starting this spring.

The HyperInverter and EXCEEDHYPER series of packaged air-conditioners offer an expansive lineup of models accommodating a wide range of commercial needs. In addition to their outstanding achievements in efficiency and comfort, all models are engineered to reduce environmental impact, as illustrated by their adoption of the R32 refrigerant, which features an ozone depletion potential (ODP) of zero and only about one-third the global warming potential (GWP) of the earlier R410A. The introduction of the new models will further enhance these series' appeal.

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