Mirai Intex Introduces the Ultimative Natural Mobile ULT-Store

Date: 22 February 2022
Mirai Intex Introduces the Ultimative Natural Mobile ULT-Store
The mobile KTI ULT-Store uses innovative and environmentally friendly air-cycle refrigeration technology from MIRAI. The refrigeration machine Mirai Cold 10 main component is an oil-free turbo module which compresses and expands air  and transfers it on a single shaft for energy recovery. Air as a refrigerant is natural, free, non-toxic, non-flammable and safe for humans and the environment.

Turn key solution for ULT store design consists of an air lock zone at -20°C and the ultra-low-temperature section down to -110°C. Two-chamber principle avoids high infiltration of heat and humidity from the outside air and guarantees the highest efficiency.

An unbeatable solution built inside of a CSC-certified 40 ft. container that can easily be transported in every corner of the world without assembly or commissioning work. 

The main benefits of the solution are following: 

Only natural refrigerants are used - Air for the ULT chamber, CO2 for the air lock zone and propane for cooling of both systems.  
With this solution, customer is completely independent of the phase-out of synthetic refrigerants and can use the storage for decades. 

Innovative technology using only one compressor, compared to cascade systems that depend on multiple compressors running simultaneously, is a win-win for reliability and convenience. Our technology has no phase change, no oil, and thanks to the air bearing, it is not subject to wear and tear. 

Thanks to the dual-chamber principle, which avoids high heat infiltration from the outside air and humidity, the solution boasts the highest degree of efficiency. There is no equivalent on the market that can compete with Mirai's innovative air-cycle refrigeration technology; it is most effective at temperatures around -70°C. 
The air as a refrigerant is free, which makes the technology very economical to operate. HED (Snow catcher) allows to forget about the defrosting procedure as it traps the humid particles and extracts it automatically from the chamber. 

A plug&play solution. No additional construction work is necessary. Shipping the container worldwide is absolutely possible.

The adjustable temperature, ranging from -30°C to -110°C in just a couple of clicks, in the presented KTI solution is optimised for -80°C.  
The ULT storage container is therefore suitable for storing various substances at the right temperature with flexible temperature adjustment. 

Compact design with a storage capacity of 25m³, easy to add to existing storage facilities. Reliable and innovative technology guarantees high availability with low maintenance. 

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