Mitsubishi Electric US introduces its MLZ Series One-Way Ceiling Cassette


Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.’s Cooling & Heating Division (Mitsubishi Electric), a leading manufacturer of Zoned Comfort Solutions and Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) cooling and heating systems, introduces its MLZ Series One-Way Ceiling Cassette.

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An expansion of the M-Series line from Mitsubishi Electric, the product features a sleek, narrow-body ceiling cassette design. Designed to fit between standard 16” joists, the MLZ can be easily installed in existing homes and new construction projects.

“We developed this product to be appropriate for a wide variety of applications. It is designed to fit between existing joists with the ability to service from below. This combination provides simplicity in the installation and service of the system,” said Brinnon Williams, director of residential product development, Mitsubishi Electric US, Inc.’s Cooling & Heating Division. “It’s practical in that regard, but the resulting quality of airflow and customer experience remains unchanged.

The ceiling cassette design provides an additional option to the product offering from Mitsubishi Electric. It is effective regardless of ceiling height because of its adjustable airflow. Plus, its auto vane control is capable of adjusting air direction based on the homeowner’s comfort needs.

Additionally, the MLZ One-Way Ceiling Cassette can be serviced from directly beneath the unit itself, without requiring an access panel. This further eliminates the need for contractors or remodelers to modify the surrounding area to install or service the product. It also includes a built-in condensate lift mechanism with a 19” lift. With less need to manipulate joists, homeowners can enjoy significant cost savings on installation.

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