Monobloc Air Conditioner For High Density Server Racks from HiRef

Date: 23 April 2018
Construction with the condensing section on board the machine considerably reduces installation costs. As there are no refrigerating lines or external units, installation really is much simpler than with split systems; it requires considerably less time and expense thanks also to the condensation air ducting flanges on the upper side of the unit. The fans use an EC modulating brushless motor on both the evaporating and condensing sides: this important feature lets the HRCM adapt to a broad range of ducting configurations and also ensures high efficiency with partial loads. With HRCM it is thus possible to maximise ventilation energy savings by setting airflows to match actual air conditioning and installation needs. Another key advantage of HRCM stems from treatment of the evaporator. The aluminium fins of the evaporating battery are treated with a hydrophilic coating to aid condensate water drainage into the stainless steel reservoir; this prevents water being carried into the rack by the air flow. Lastly, a hot gas by-pass system allows refrigerating power to be adapted to low thermal load situations. HRCM is available in both an “in-rack” and “in-row” configuration.
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