Multi-compressor refrigerating system Multi-CONNEXT Rivacold

Date: 27 November 2018
An innovative and “easy” R744 booster solution for small and medium size supermarkets

Giuseppe Vitri, Rivacold

Multi-compressor refrigerating system

The Multi-Connext circuithas been optimized to achieve high performance interms of energy efficiency. The BLD Ccompressors, the specific components required by the use of the R744 gas and acustomized electronic control software allow a saving compared to a HFC system with semi-hermetic compressors and AC inverter.

Thanks to the BLD Ccompressors and inverters, aswellas to the electronic control personalized with Rivacold software, Multi-Connext guarantees a speed that canbe modulated from100 to 25% one ach compressors and a minimum cooling capacity ofther ack down to 5%.

The ECO plateallows a correct feeding of the thermostatic valves, guaranteeinga constant cooling of the liquidand a contribution to thetotal efficiency of the system of about 3%. Furthermore, ensuringoptimaloverheating of the suction gas, increases thesafety of the compressors.

The use of a natural gas such as R744 (GWP = 1) in an efficient system as Multi-Connextreduces both direct and indirect emissions, protecting our environment.

Multi-Connextis equipped withan innovative patent pending system called OPT(Oil Presence Test) thatconstantly monitors the oilinside the compressors, without internal probes, and in the separator,ensuring perfect operation of the circuit in maximum safety.

Multi-Connextcan reachlarge cooling capacitywith a very small foot print. Being two and half times smaller than an equivalent power system,it is ideal to be installed in all machinery rooms

The use of a natural gas such as R744 (GWP = 1) in an efficient system as Finland installation reduces energy consumption andprotects our environmen.

The compressor dedicated toparallel compressionin booster units allows anincrease in cooling capacity of 10%at the same ambient temperature or guarantees the same cooling capacity at a 3 degree higher ambient temperature compared to a booster system without this additional component.

All Rivacold products are internally tested in a state of the art laboratory designed to measure the performance, efficiency and noise of our solutions.

With data result from test lab with warm climate profile temperature(Ref. Palermo) and market typical cooling demand, the new technology provides energy saving.

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